Staying with ‘As within so without’, lets look more closely at my bold statement, ‘energy affects matter’.  This seemed like a wild assumption to me until I discovered Quantum Physics. Now – I am far from mathematically gifted – I still have nightmares about failing school maths tests 40 years later, but the discoveries made in this field provided the rational explanation I had been looking for and I thoroughly enjoyed my excursion into the molecular universe as far as my brain would allow: Here follows my exposition on Quantum Physics in the trenches of life.


Vibrational frequencies


Matter is not as solid as we think it is. The world and everything in it, is one field of energy containing different levels of vibration.  All forms of matter have their own vibrational frequency and they are all interconnected because there are no solid barriers between them. ‘In here’ is not as separate from ‘out there’ as we think.


At molecular level, our body is nearly 100% empty space, so vast are the distances between the atoms compared to their size. Even inside every atom, there is mostly empty space. We are actually more like a vibrational frequency, a musical note.


More specifically, we are frequency generators. Each of our thoughts has a particular frequency. Positive thoughts increase our frequency which means we feel energetic, buoyant and joyous. When the frequency gets too high, however, it becomes uncomfortable; our nerves struggle to cope with the excessive current. Negative thoughts, on the other hand, decrease our frequency, causing feelings of dejection, fear and dismay. If this carries on too long, we become depleted and physically ill.

Others aren’t affected by what we think about them as long as we keep our thoughts to ourselves – right?  Wrong!

They feel our thoughts even if not the actual content. When we are critical of others, although they may not know where it comes from, they feel less able and less good about themselves.


Duty is a good example: I have never liked it when my friends or family do something for me out of duty and I refuse to be duty-bound in return: I can feel if an action comes from the heart and if the heart isn’t in it, I feel it’s emptiness. On top of that, duty then demands of me to show gratitude for something that brings me no joy.


As a rule of thumb therefore: The intentions behind our actions are clearly broadcast to everyone. Others pick them up even if only subconsciously. They respond to these intentions, not the actions.




Vibrational frequencies interact with each other by resonance. Put two cellos in the same room and play a string of one of them and the corresponding string of the other will vibrate too. That is resonance.


Applied to ourselves, this means we are living magnets. We attract into our lives whatever is in harmony with our dominant thoughts and feelings. Like energy attracts like energy. We attract the same vibrations that we send out. Life is not happening to us; it is responding to us. We tune in to and attract events and people which resonate with our specific vibrational level and so create resonating conditions. Negative, angry thoughts attract negative, angry people and circumstances and vice versa.


Stuart Wilde explains it this way: Our body’s vibrational frequency rises and falls according to our mood, our physical body condition and our energy level. This habitual band of frequency resonates with a host of patterns and events that have matching vibrational frequencies. So, it’s important keep a healthy balance in our body, thoughts and emotions. If we let our vibrational frequency drop too low, we fall into resonance with other lower, destructive vibrational frequencies. We then draw matching events into our lives. These can range from a mild misunderstanding to a serious car accident. Our lives unfold to the dictates of energy, nothing more, nothing less. If our vibrational frequency doesn’t match the negative event such as an accident for instance, that morning, we will choose a different route to work and read about the fatalities in the newspaper.


If we are in a mental state of push-pull, we will manifest push-pull out there. When I don’t want to be in a relationship for instance, but am missing it at the same time, I draw a person of like frequency to me. He will also be in a push-pull space and my own state will perpetuate that state in him. He will end up not knowing why he is actually with me and feel half-hearted about the whole thing too.


Everything is energy and that’s all that there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is no philosophy. This is physics.


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