Dropping the limitations to our potential means that we have to re-frame our experiences for ourselves: In essence by extracting the learning out of suffering and extricating ourselves from it.


Messages from the masters


Here’s what the masters have to say – the same message across many different belief systems:


·       Peace and happiness are our innate nature. If we let go of mind-manufactured suffering, the external conditions will stay just that – external, and we are free within them.


·       There is value in our suffering. It shows us where our attachments lie, what we still need to let go of.


·       Much unhappiness arises if we take each thought that comes into our heads for the truth. Situations may cause us physical pain, but they don’t make us unhappy. Suffering begins when we label a situation as undesirable or bad. Then our thoughts and interpretations, the stories we tell ourselves about it, cause our unhappiness. We need to identify irritation, impatience, anger, having an issue with something or someone, resentment or complaining as they happen and recognize that, ‘at this moment, I am creating suffering for myself and for others in the process’.


·       We merely experience. Whether we suffer or not is our choice. We can choose to experience any situation as damaging, but that is entirely our decision. Deep personal disappointments are responses, which are chosen.


·       Once we accept this greater version of life, our world view becomes more balanced. We don’t have to courageously suppress our tears and keep a strong upper lip. We need not close our hearts and swallow our disappointments in order not to show our wounds. We have no wounds at all! We do not have to force things into a desired direction anymore because we see everything as a learning opportunity.


·       The true master does not suffer in silence, he simply does not suffer. He is merely experiencing a set of circumstances which we would call insufferable. He remains unperturbed in the ‘worst’ experiences of life. This is the paradigm-shift from a suffering-orientated to an insight-orientated state of being. It is a change from a life of deficiency to a life of abundance.


·       Only we ourselves can decide to no longer follow our conditioning and our habits. Instead of reacting to them, we thank our challenges for reminding us to stay on course.


This is a very tall order. I struggle living it myself and yet I know that it is ultimately the truth. My knee jerk reaction initially was – yes, that might apply to some situations, to others, but MY circumstances are different…are they? When I peel back the onion, I can’t get away from the irritating fact that at the core of it all I have to take responsibility to take back my power.


A practical tip


I have recently stumbled on a very useful tool for understanding my individual path out of suffering, the Gene Keys. While we all have to overcome our shadows to free ourselves from our limitations, the nature of those shadows and their combination are unique to each person and it helps to know exactly what you’re dealing with. Visit https://genekeys.com for more information.


Get in touch with me via my website at www.freetoflylifecoaching.com  if you’re looking for someone to accompany you on the journey out of your shadows. I am still dealing with mine, so I’m also not there yet, but I know it helps to have a mirror, a sounding board and accountability on the way.


Dropping Ego


Dropping the limitations to our potential means dropping Ego. Self has to resolve the Ego to realize. That involves getting to know ego’s shadows and transmuting them at a manageable pace.  In the language of the Gene Keys: There’s a gift in each shadow, that we can unlock to move from limitation to empowerment and full potential.


Evil, (‘live’ spelled backwards), is the path of Ego as opposed to ‘live’, (spelled the right way around), which is life springing effortlessly from Self. If we let go of the false, the true will emerge naturally.


It is a mark of Ego that we always want what we don’t have. We won’t find happiness by fulfilling external desires. Always restless, longing, hoping, seeking, finding, enjoying, abandoning, searching again, we are actually in search of ourselves.


If we drop Ego, the whole world it creates around itself falls away too. We’ll see things not as we would like them to be, but simply as they are. We’ll stop engaging with life with a bulldozer. We’ll get more achieved with less effort by letting go, focussing on Being, allowing Self and yielding to its flow.


This is difficult because it feels like we’re disintegrating. However, it is not disintegration of Self, but merely disintegration of Ego that takes place:


There will come a time when we believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning – Nisargadatta Maharaj


There will be tremendous power in our new identity:


Without our self-importance, we are invulnerable. Warriors fight self-importance as a matter of strategy, not moral or religious principle – Don Juan


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