For conscious creation, work in the Now. Your mind takes you literally: If you want something in the future, since the future is never now, you’ll never get it. Wanting something, implies a present lack. Since your creation mechanism only deals with the eternal Now, it’ll ignore anything in the future. Future and Now are two different realities with different laws, different modus operandii.

To create consciously, bring what you want into the here and now – the point of power. Physically build on what you want in the present, not just mentally as a future goal. The future isn’t real, it’s merely a mental projection.

You create what will be by your present energy. Your attitude determines your direction. Look closely at the present you’re constructing: it should look like the future you are dreaming. It is in the moments of life that life itself is created. The future isn’t out there, it’s ‘in here’ – within you. When speaking about it, use present tense: not ‘I will’, but ‘I am now’ and then actually do it – now.

You are surrounded now with the product of past thought. To stop a current creation, let go of what no longer reflects you. Feel gratitude for what it has brought you and then choose again. Think a new thought, say a new word and do a new thing to create a new reality. Don’t push against what you don’t want. Rather, place your undivided attention on what you do want. Focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

If you keep looking in the rearview mirror of your life, you will crash.

Drop time and space for the Now. Every second you spend dwelling on the past and future, is a second of your present you are missing. Life is what happens while you are making other plans.

Stop chasing an illusion

The very act of chasing of life makes you miss life. Chasing the future is pointless because it never arrives except as the present moment. Living like this, you remain trapped in time and space. Your past becomes a screen through which your present experiences are interpreted. In other words, your past determines your future.

We get bored with the routine of our mundane lives because we keep playing the same mental tapes over and over. There is magic in the moment if you’re present to it, so focus on that instead. Then, once the future’s arrived in the present, live that too. Simply stay in the flow of life in the working mind – the Now – and let it take you places far better than your thinking mind can anticipate.

You’re a warrior, not a worrier. Work in the Now. Rise to the challenge of the moment, not defeated by the illusion of time. Choose a life without continual worry. Live in the reality of the present moment and act from there. Don’t make decisions out of the worry space from which no good decisions come anyway. Lastly, don’t feel guilty for not worrying because worry is just an old habit, and an unproductive one at that. The solutions come quietly in the Now.


Cultivate quiet clarity

It’s not by applying great effort out there that you draw the right things to you. You create best  from peace, tranquillity and quiet clarity: a deep ‘that is what I want and that is what it will feel like to have it.’ It’s a gut-level knowing, total certainty, sure and clear. All pulls together in the same direction and you completely accept it as reality. It is a quiet thought of single-minded congruence. Brute force of will, forging ahead, pushing against whatstill needs to be resolved, won’t work.

A while back, I was looking for  travel bag for my radionics machine, and I had quiet clarity that I would find the perfect one. I found one, but I was so sure that I would find something even better in the same shop, that I searched from corner to corner until I found it. It was an even better buy than the first one which turned out to be too small.

Often, the right thing manifests, even before I start looking for it, as a response to my half-spoken wishes. Things fall into place quickly and effortlessly. It feels like an external force is paving the way and I merely walk through the open doors.

This is how my house in Melville came to me. I had a vague sense of a place to express myself – yoga, creativity, with an archery-range length, private garden. I had a fleeting image of wooden floors, pressed ceilings, Spanish burglar bars and electric fencing. On the way to the first house on my list, I got a call to say that the funds to buy it, had materialized. I loved the first house I walked into; my only concern was that it was too big for the little furniture I owned. That night, my mom decided to move out of her house and to downsize. I suddenly had a lot of her furniture to fill the house with.

All through the process, I had quiet certainty. I didn’t worry, I simply stayed the flow. Two years later I was still amazed at the perfect choice my house turned out to be. Even the seemingly small things were taken care of, like somewhere level to store my heavy trailer and also the big area in front of the house to manoeuvre it in and out of the garage by myself.

There were also some unforeseen benefits such as its proximity to WITS, so my children were conveniently close to varsity when the time came. It also had more subtle advantages that I did not even pick up initially. For instance, its views of the outside world were suitably limited. My task during my time there was to focus on the here and now, not get caught in mind meanderings – ‘seeing far’.

I am always astounded at the effortless perfection with which Self creates. The best of mental planning cannot achieve this.

Let’s put an action plan together to start creating your future in the Now? Yes!




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