Don’t try to change the world. It’s incapable of changing because it’s merely an effect. The cause is your thoughts and if you change those, the effect will follow by itself. Work with source/creator and the manifestation/creation will follow suite. Change the within to change the without.

Don’t waste energy trying to control circumstances. Redirect that energy into changing your inner landscape and the mountains out there move of their own accord. I have noticed externals shifting and life becoming helpful again within a few hours of changing my attitude. In particular, synchronicity kicks in again, which is always a sign for me that I am on the right track.

Seek the solution not outside, but inside yourself. If you stop creating issues in your mind, there will be less of that out there too. Regulate your energy by containing, preserving and boosting it and your circumstances will tend to regulate themselves. The more grounded, safe and balanced you feel, the more you’ll see and experience that in the world around you.

For instance, when you accept yourself, you’ll find it easier to accept others and to put them at ease. Any positive energy you emanate, changes your entire environment for the better. Change the world by changing yourself.


Calm the mind to calm life

A monk sat by the edge of a pond in meditation. Once his mind had calmed, the pond surface settled too. Where wind-blown ripples had distorted his reflection, he now could see the sky and himself reflected clearly on the calm surface.

If you engage with a calm and clear mind, with clean glasses, you see the world with crystal clarity.

The eye is the lamp of the body. If the eye is sound, the whole body will be full of light –  Matthew 6:22

Only when your mind calms down and is at rest, does your world calm down. Your life simplifies and becomes meaningful. That meaning is lost when your brain is a flurry of activity. Life will calm down when you do, not the other way around.

Help with this may come from unexpected sources: I have a talkative ginger cat who is sensitive to my restlessness. She lies in watch and as soon as my mind unsettles me, she starts meowing incessantly which adds irritation to my restlessness. I used to shout at her to stop which made her complain even louder. Then I realized something: When I calm down and extricate myself from my agitated mind, she settles down too and stops the racket. This is so typical of living in mind. We shout at the external manifestation, instead of calming the internal cause.

If you want your life to settle down and not bring you so much stuff to deal with, settle your mind and don’t change it so often – adapted from Neale Donald Walsh


Stop the world

The external world is kept in place by what Don Juan calls ‘Inner dialogue’. Your inner conversation is the cause of the circumstances of your life. The way you speak to yourself determines what you attract. In his words: ‘We uphold the world with our internal talk. Whenever we finish talking to ourselves, the world is back as it ‘should be’ (even if its dysfunctional) because we have re-energized it.’

You are like you are because you tell yourself you are that way. As you talk to yourself, you choose your path. Unless you put a stop to this, you’ll repeat the same choices based on the same internal talk for the rest of your life.

Don Juan goes on to say that to stop the world, to change our idea of the world, is the crux of sorcery (which I will elaborate on in the next article). Stopping our internal dialogue is the only way to accomplish that.’ We thereby erase our personal history (we drop our story) and so dismantle our view of the world. No longer indulging in our view of the world, we collapse the world as we know it. With this, we save enough personal power to make the leap to freedom (to Self).

To find the truth, we must go without knowledge. A fixed idea narrows our perspective and we miss most of what is available. If we go open and empty, everything will become meaningful. The empty mind is the best mind – Nisargadatta Maharaj

The mind must not cloud the senses with longing if they are to truly reflect Self.


A quiet mind

A quiet mind, undistorted by desires, fears, ideas and opinions, reflects reality clearly. Emotions are simply conditioning. Once you undo every concept of yourself and of the world, you’ll have insight into situations and perceive the truth untainted by personal agendas. With this corrected, connected perspective, your challenging experiences will enrich you, instead of merely causing you pain.

If you stop relating to others via your expectations and dislikes, you’ll really see them and appreciate how interesting they are. I find my children fascinating as people when I manage to see them without expectation. If you leave your attachments and aversions behind, you’ll see the truth in others without needing to give it shape, form or meaning. For instance, the difficult people in your life will then simply be people. Period.

Being in touch with this inner essence is self-realization.

If you’re ready to climb out of the box of your own internal dialogue, click here.




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