Attract what you desire, by working with resonance: You attract what you are, not what you want. If you want great, then first be great. By vibrating at the matching level, you become a conduit for what you desire. If you believe it, can see it, can get into its feeling space and act from that, it will show up for you because you have created resonance.

I used to be hesitant to apply the resonance principle, because I felt it was very selfish. Who am I to want to manifest better, when there are so many people who dream of having what I have now? Well, my most recent manifestation changed my mind about this: 

I am presently living in the Northern Cape, and it has been a life-long dream of mine to live in Cape Town. After having stayed in Hout Bay at an Airnbnb for short holiday, I started dreaming about what life in Cape Town would look like. I need tranquility and nature around me, and I was not inspired by the thought of living in a flat. I did not, however, want the responsibility of a big house and garden. The cost of buying and furnishing it and maintenance cost and labour involved as well as security concerns put me off.

I did not give the situation undue further thought until my Airbnb host mailed me a few months later out of the blue. She asked if I would be interested to rent their furnished house with indigenous garden for a year. The deal included a domestic helper and gardener who live across the road. To top it all I was to take over their wonderful dog as companion and guard at home and to take to the beach and on nature walks. While the solution was perfect for me, the owners were equally glad they found me to adopt their dog and look after their much-loved home.

I have come to the conclusion that by consciously working with resonance, we simply enable demand and supply to connect properly. It allows the natural flow to happen unimpeded for the good of all.


‘How do you make the rain in the middle of the desert?’ an American Indian rainmaker was once asked. He replied: ‘If I can feel the mud squelch between my toes, the rain will come to make the mud, I don’t need to make the rain.’


The magic of gratitude

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude oils this mechanism. Rather than supplicate, appreciate. If you’re grateful for what you have, you’ll receive more to be grateful for. Appreciating what you already have, pulls more in. By appreciating, you create a vibration of abundance for the desired to resonate with and be drawn to – like attracts like. In contrast, a supplication or request is a statement of lack and produces the experience of lack. When you’re thankful in advance for what you want, you acknowledge that it is there. As was once pointed out to me: feeling abundant does not require much money: ‘Have a simple coffee in a sumptuous coffee shop, enjoy the surroundings and feel the abundance therein.’

After a lengthy lonely patch socially, I woke one morning feeling at peace with life and content in my own space. I decided to celebrate that. I treated myself to incense and music during my writing session and popped to the shops for some camembert for breakfast, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I had barely finished eating when the calls and messages started pouring in.

During the course of the morning everyone I am close to, friends as well as family, got in touch with me. I even had a rather bewildered ex-husband on the line who was as surprised to be talking to me as I was to him. He didnt know how his phone had managed to dial my number. The only person I did not hear from, was my father in Germany whom I have very infrequent contact with. He mailed early the next morning. While sometimes days go by without a word from my significant others, all 8 of them contacted me that day. They were all drawn to me by my positive, self-nurturing energy.

When I want people around me, the best approach, I have found, is to get myself intensely involved with the goals I have set for myself. I get on with what I know I should be doing instead of grabbing hold of others for stability because I am feeling lost myself.


Resonance is impartial

The resonance principle has no vested interest in our welfare, however. It works equally well for attracting the constructive as well as the destructive. When an important new business contact of mine cancelled a meeting unexpectedly because his car had broken down, I realized resonance was the culprit. The actual reason for the cancelled meeting, was that I was feeling lost, so everything around me ‘got lost’ too: The power was off at the coffee shop, I had a long wait in a queue on my errands, the internet was offline that night and I missed the opportunity of movies with a friend.

The next day, he got in touch to meet up even though I did not expect to hear from him. I’m glad I decided not to interfere in the flow by calling him up to remind him. Instead, I returned to my centre and all externals fell into place around the path I set internally.

If you are not aware, you’ll draw exactly what you don’t want to yourself. If you focus on problems, you bring more problems into your life. You can’t litter negativity everywhere and then wonder why you have a trashy life.


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