Sending others unconditional love and strength, is a useful tool on the journey back to Self. It benefits the sender as much as the recipient. In the Reiki healing method, we say send ‘universal life force energy’. I prefer this concept since sending unconditional love involves a mind decision to be unconditional, whereas when sending energy, we are a conduit, compassionate, yet unattached.

This universal life force energy is all around us, always available. Connect to it and then direct it to flow out to others. Breathe it in through the crown of your head and then out through the heart, hands, or eyes. Since it flows through you first, you are charged at the same time. You also never run out of it or feel depleted after sending, since it is not of your own energy that you’re giving. Have no intent for it other than it be for the recipient’s highest good. Have no attachment to any particular result and no expectations of reciprocation. The receiving of energy while you are sending, is its own reward. Another advantage of this tool is that to send energy successfully, you must be in a state of unattached gratitude which places you firmly in the moment.

Sending energy improves relationships

One of the applications of sending energy is protection. It is the best armor against lower frequencies. When you think of others, you draw to you the energy of whatever thought or feeling they are having. If you send them energy, you don’t pick up their broadcast because you can’t receive while you’re sending. When others feel demanding even when they’re not physically with you, sending stops this broadcast of theirs because you’re giving them what they want from you at the basic level, which is always energy. This way you circumnavigate those situations where people need energy from you and either draw it from you by being very nice to you or by picking a fight with you.

I send universal life force energy to whoever pops into my mind and then move on. That way I add to their energy to deal with what they need to in their own way. I do not involve myself mental-emotionally and consequently don’t get sucked into their vibrational space. I find I help best with energy, not mental-emotional interference even if with good intent. This approach works well with the ‘difficult’ people in my life. I can be supportive without negative emotions towards them. Being universal life force energy is freedom.

When you experience uncomfortable barriers with others, they dissolve if you send to others as well as to yourself. These barriers always signify a lack of energy. In any aggressive situation, send energy to the aggressors and increase your own vibration in the process. Then others will either change or you will no longer create situations where they are angry at you. Sending energy also puts an end to any power struggles.

With energy, everyone gains. Ego-love depends on what the other does or doesn’t do. Energy feeds the other as well as you. It doesn’t need others to do anything in order to work. Any other way demands payment, and all parties lose because everyone’s vibrations drop in the process. Every manifestation of lower vibration is a cry for energy. You have an unlimited supply to send. The more you send, the more you draw in. The more you draw in, the higher your own vibrations get, irrespective of the outcome of the situation.

Instead of wrestling with challenging situations, send them energy. In the process, you energize yourself, the flow of life opens up and solutions appear naturally.

In sending energy, you evolve yourself

Energy raises the earth’s vibration and fills spaces of human emotional isolation regardless of who or what is sent to. Send energy to raise situations to their highest potential and you to yours.

When you’re not consciously aware, you tend to take energy from others when your own is low. Rather, draw life energy in through the crown chakra at the top of your head to replenish it. James Redfield expands on my technique:

We connect with Self, centre and consciously appreciate everything in our environment. Our body will feel lighter and more buoyant and our surroundings will have more presence to them. We may notice beauty where we have not seen it before. We breathe in that energy by taking it in through the top of our head.

If we send some of that energy back into our surroundings by breathing it out through our heart chakra, we will find even more to appreciate. We breathe that in in turn and send the increased energy back out. Our environment will become luminous in its beauty and rich with synchronistic messages to show us the next step of our journey. Building energy in this way builds consciousness. It is important to find the silver lining in every situation – no matter how seemingly negative. We stop as often as necessary to reconnect, so we stay charged. The energy flowing out of us creates a current that pulls energy into us at the same rate. We can never run out. We only feel depleted when we give while not being connected.

Send energy to heal both yourself and others. Healing occurs in the present, not the past. Remember that you’re not held back by the energy you didn’t receive in the past, but by the energy you ’re not extending in the present. As you send energy, you release yourself from pain. Pain in any form calls you to return to energy, to Self. Sending energy from Self is your natural and therefore optimum state of being.

I send energy when I feel cut off. Doing this helps me re-engage with life. Sending, I am at my happiest. I feel at my best and attract synchronicity. Life becomes incredibly simple and energy levels soar.

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