Another tool on the journey back to Self is to reconnect with the third eye.

On the physical level, developing the third eye, builds up the pituitary and pineal glands and has numerous health benefits. We gain light and energy through the third eye, and it helps bring the rest of the body into balance. However, the benefits of its healthy functioning are more than just physical:

The third eye overrides mental programming. It puts us intensely into here now awareness – David Icke 

I became interested in the third eye because I wanted to develop my extra-sensory perception, but I found that reconnecting with the third eye was also a great way to exit the mental-emotional state of ego. Once in the third eye, I could feel the graspings of the mind clearly. I sensed distinctly how my mind contracts and imposes its rigidity on the fluidnature of reality. It feels like a kind of cramp. This is because it is only by clinging and grasping that mind can operate. The graspings are superimposed on my natural perception which springs from a silent mind. Through practice, I became aware of the act of seeing rather than the object looked at. I learnt this through practicing letting my vision go blurry and then feeling the object looked at from my heart.

How to build awareness of the third eye

I based my third eye practice on the book called ‘Opening the Third Eye’ by Samuel Sagan. What I like about it, is that it is grounded in physical experience, devoid of any airy-fairy-ness. The first step is creating what Sagan calls throat friction. Through breathing or humming, we stimulate the larynx which is connected to the third eye. In this way, we build first awareness, then focus and pressure between the eyebrows. Then we grow the resultant feeling of total stillness and purple space there.

With practice, we build permanence in the eye by performing some routine actions while in the eye. These can be things like washing dishes, walking or driving. I have noticed that driving while in the eye becomes harmonious and immensely satisfying. The focus keeps me aware and centred, and my peripheral vision is better, improving the safety of my driving.

Permanence in the eye

The idea then is to extend the eye into more and more activities until we reach constant focus in the eye. This permanence in the eye stops the mind permanently. It produces a centredness, a still and silent state of mind at will. In other words, we stay awake and aware in an expanded state of consciousness. In this state, sensory input is received in the third eye first before it rushes into our minds. The third eye pre-digests it for us.

I owe this technique my sanity if not my life. I was going through a particularly rough patch with everything in my life falling apart at once: marriage, job, financial security, relationship with kids and support system coupled with repeated thefts of my property. I woke up in the middle of the night in the thick of it all so anxious that it felt like I was falling apart myself. When I didn’t know what else to do, I remembered this technique and got into my third eye. Immediately I was back in the moment and centred, calm enough to fall asleep soon thereafter. It was like magic, and I am hugely greatful for this safety net.

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