When I want to rush ahead, I am resisting what is. I get frustrated with waiting, but why do I choose to be in a state of waiting in the first place? Why am I not allowing the process?

You’re living in a universe of processes, not objects or entities. You are a process. Your whole incarnation is merely a process. Since everything is always growing and changing, all is by its very nature always unfinished. This means that you journey continually uncompleted. All is in transition all the time. You need to be comfortable with continually becoming, rather than seeking the finished state. Life is all about becoming all the time.

Feeling frustrated by incompletion and imperfection places you at loggerheads with life itself. Learn to trust the process, co-operate with it, and find satisfaction in it. Life is like a painting. It goes from a blank canvas through stages of seeming chaos, disarray and ugliness. These form the essential background for the final touches which transform the picture into its harmonious end result. It is wrong to wish those stages away. These messy in-between stages are not proof that the painting isn’t coming together.

Stay with the process

Be as unattached to the process as you are to the outcome, not willing anything forward, not holding anything back. This way, you co-operate with the flow of your own creation and what is wanting to emerge. Let everything be what it is. When the process moves to the next stage, stay with what that is too. Trust the flow and hold the rudder lightly. If you focus on process, not on outcome, you free the spontaneous flow of intelligence. Focusing on the outcome creates anxiety and stress. ForcIng things is driven by the ego’s need for completion.

I have learnt not to push or pull the becoming out of its natural timing. I put everything in place and then try to relax and let things go their own way. There is always a deeper reason for which way they go. I am careful to wait for things to mature, to let events unfold in their own time especially when I see the end in sight and want to push. I have learnt that when I force the process, I get little pleasure out of the result because it feels exactly that, forced.

Rest in the state of becoming yet keep your intent in sight. Intent provides opportunities which you must be alert to and ready to act on. Good luck is opportunity met with preparedness and action.  I have learnt through repeated experience, that in the moment, my personal power draws to me everything I need. It’s the quickest way to get to where I want to be. I let things come to me and when they do, I seize the opportunity of the moment with both hands. All that is expected of you is to flow with life and let be. Your personal power will do the rest.

When life doesn’t co-operate, the best course of action is to change gear, let go and let Self take the wheel while you return to simply being. Try not to mentalize and push-pull that which is not going according to plan. Instead, focus on what you can do something about, on that which is in fact flowing. Stay flexible.

The warrior will acknowledge that he is faced with a problem but will then proceed as if there is nothing wrong. This way, he is not allowing his rational mind to become obsessed with rationalization, driven by internal dialogue. Instead, he opens all his faculties up to the world around him. By doing this, he is never at a loss as to the most impeccable course of action. He is constantly surrounded by knowledge, by power        – Don Juan

When you have a need or are faced with a challenging situation, acknowledge it so that you’re aware of it. Then be grateful that Self has already put the solution in place. Turn your attention away from it and stay in the moment so that you can be present to the solutions. The timing is that of Self. It is a natural state of harmony and ease in the absence of thinking mind’s planning and scheming.

Move and a way will open

When I become aware that I am caught up in mental grid lock, I remind myself to move, and a way will open. Self-awareness tells me at every step what needs to be done. Relaxed and pliable, not tense, rigid and controlling, my day will unfold in the most productive and best way for me. Perfecting the art of tuning in to each moment, flowing from one to the next is a good focus to have. In this way, all is balanced and in flow and you’re immediately aware of any pitfalls.

Allow the flow by slowing down, calming down, not worrying, not hurrying. Detach. Don’t superimpose your expectations on anything. Don’t make anything more than it is. Let go of wanting what you don’t have, appreciating what you do have. Without expectations or needs, you’re responsive to the flow and sensitive to intuitive promptings. There are no needy manipulations. You’re free to follow the energy where it wants to go. You live truth unclouded by personal agendas.

The more you worry about something, hold on like a bulldog, keep checking on it, torture yourself with it, the less you let it flow and the slower it’s going to go. In the process you lose the rhythm, the bigger picture and Self. You become a sticky cog in the mechanism of evolution. The state of non-attachment in unconditional gratitude is the oil.

When I cling, I stop the flow. The dance with life stops as my feet get caught in the sticky web. My attention narrows from alert awareness of all to focus on one thing exclusively. I miss Self’s messages. Caught up in internal processes, life passes me by.

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