As you let go and ground yourself in presence, the perfect action in perfect timing Self can flow.  Self is your natural state.With the obstacle of mind and it’s desires and fears out of the way, you return to the centre of the wheel, your true nature.

In it, everything happens naturally. There is no need to cultivate anything. You do things effortlessly and all falls into place by itself. You feel deep peace and joy at just being. You flow. Spontaneity, self-expression and creativity come naturally. It is not at all dull and boring as I imagined a life without drama would be. I initially thought that retreating from the mental-emotional would mean retreat from the world as such. I have found that the more rooted in Self I am, the more fully I can venture into life. My boat floats naturally if I cut off it’s ballast and lift the anchor.

The Universe is inherently good, just like man is inherently good. In its natural state, everything flows synchronistically and holds together. What I need, manifests as I become aware of the need. It is mind that pulls things apart; it literally breaks up the flow. Beyond push-pulling lies freedom. In Ego I will always feel unsure of what I actually want, because ego wants stuff according to its limited idea of what is good for me. The manifesting state of quiet clarity comes from Self.

There is no path to what is. Enlightenment flashes clear in this moment – and in this – and in this. If we always look beyond, our very search, our own desire, prevents the discovery. We are fleeing the answer – Ken Wilber

In Self, my movements are a sure thing. I just respond to the flow. I become the flow. It becomes perfectly natural to me. In ego, I go through mental-emotional turmoil with every step. Being completely in the flow of now is the only way to live. All other ways cause suffering.

Buddhahood cannot be attained by desire or effort. They are a hindrance. If we remove the obstacles, the Buddha rises within us. We simply need to realize who we are. We detach, becoming more and more at ease, more and more here now. We turn from becoming to being and learn by degrees to endure being. If we free up enough energy, the rest comes by itself  – Nisargadatta Maharaj

Optimum functioning

In Self, you trust yourself in life and feel protected. Coming from all of you, you’re connected to all your resources. You’re in your power and so receptive to the new. Self focusses on being. It is instinctual, intuitive, creative and resonating.

There is a feeling of lightness. You don’t move with individual muscles pushing out against the ground; your entire body begins to move from a central position in the torso. For me, the feelings of ease, femininity and gracefulness stand out.

Self is serenity, tranquillity, eternity and bliss. It is being at peace, buoyant and carefree. People want to be around you because you’re warm and spontaneous and have joie de vivre.

If your vibrations are very high, they may become uncomfortable. I’ve had a taste of the ‘unbearable lightness of being’: I had stopped all unnecessary busyness and I increased my vibrations by not picking up negative energy from out there. I sent out unconditional love instead. The result was a state of very light, fine, high vibration. It felt like the very fine hues of a light blue sky at daybreak. It was almost like vertigo. I found I needed food to ground me and ‘weigh me down’ a bit. This is the state in which I imagine Self comes through strongly. I could feel it, but I could not bear this state for very long.

Rooted in Self, frees me to send unconditional life force energy and to get fully absorbed in what is mine to do. I sense I am back in Self when the sparkle is back in life. I relax and I feel opportunity lies open before me again. I feel ready for anything. Like an excited child, energized and ready to grab the wonder, mystery and glory with both hands. I am available to the moment, grateful to all around me, imbued with energy and appreciative of life itself. I am spontaneous because I feel safe. I move with enjoyment. Carefree, I stand in my power.


Self is by nature detached. It sees without value judgment. It does not come from mind or emotion. Divine indifference is the normal attitude of the Self to the not-self. In it, you place no demands on life. You know that there is nothing real there that can sustain you and bring you true happiness.

We see that the world is beautiful, all is growth, and we are going beyond it – Stuart Wilde

Self is curious, but it does not seek refuge in knowledge. You’re not anxious. You’re not attached to results and so have no desire to control or manipulate others. You’re independent of criticism and flattery. You feel beneath or above no-one. You’re in no hurry. You have no expectations, no particular desires. You can just enjoy life and be playful. You’re free to be all you are.

Being Well

Self is well-being. In all you do and all your busyness, you’re actually seeking well-being. To find it, focus on exploring and deepening the ‘being’ to cultivate well-being as well as well-doing.

Being well is looking at life with equanimity. Since you don’t latch onto anything, nothing in particular jumps out at you and plays your projection game with you. If you feel no need to project, there is no disharmony to mar your well-being. In Self, there is no sense of being this or that. Unidentified Being remains. For the Indian wise man, the Jnani, all is bliss. He is happy with whatever comes. The process of life itself generates joy and fulfilment. Self is intense feel-good.

You need the presence or absence of absolutely nothing for utter wellbeing. Simply stop mind and with that emotions and return to Self. That is the feeling of worship, of communion. It is purely waking up from the dream.

You’re utterly and completely whole in Self. How you stimulate the mental and physical, what you do with it and how you pass your time there is ultimately of little consequence.

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